****Please watch for updates and additional information on our next Round Robin Pickleball Tournament****

 Round Robin Pickleball Tournament

Fee: $25 per person

Please pay within 7 days of registering for event.


This is a FUN-FOCUSED event, with a slight competitive twist. Good sportsmanship is required in every regard.

Participant Skill:

Event is geared toward newer players in the “Beginner” and “Intermediate” range with general knowledge of the rules (especially the non-volley zone), scorekeeping, who serves when and a basic ability to reliably serve and return without difficulty

Method of Play:

Partners and opponents are generated randomly for each game. Individual scores are recorded to create a running tally of points earned in all games played. Top points winners move to seeded single elimination bracket event leading to a championship game.

To register: follow link, call 248-926-0063 or email us at Parks@Commercetwp.com

Richardson Community Center Courts 1485 E. Oakley Park Rd, Commerce Township, MI


**Tournament fees are non-refundable with the exception of weather related events as determined by the Parks & Recreation Department**