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January 28, 2018 - Meeting Agendas and Announcements

There are NO SCHEDULED MEETINGS this week

CURRENT FEBRUARY MEETING SCHEDULE (Please note that additional meetings may be scheduled):

Februrary 5, 2018 - Planning Commission Meeting - 7 PM

Februrary 13, 2018 - Board of Trustees Regular Meeting - 7 PM

Februrary 20, 2018 - Downtown Development Authority Meeting - 12 PM

Februrary 26, 2018 - Parks and Recreation Committee - 6 PM

Februrary 28, 2018 - Library Advisory Board Meeting - 7 PM

All meetings are at Commerce Township Hall, with the exception of the Library Board Meeting. That meeting is at the library. Meeting agendas will be sent out just prior to each meeting. 


  • Property Tax Payment Deadline: 2017 Winter Property Tax payment deadline is Wednesday, Febrary 14, 2018. Tax payments can be made in person during regular business hours or placed in our drop box at our EAST ENTRANCE. They may also be mailed. To be considered received on time and not subject to penalty, payments must be in our drop box by 11:59 PM on February 14, 2018. Those mailing their payments please note: WE DO NOT accept postmark dates. For more information, including how to pay by credit card, go to

Have a great week!